Terms and Conditions

Welcome to this; prior to using out website, it's mandatory to get through “OUR” reliable and appropriate “terms and conditions.” Whenever you explore or buy any service or product, ensure that you have knowledge of our terms and conditions. However, if you disagree with these, you cannot access our website.

The Terms and Conditions mentioned, “we,” “our,” and “us,” are shown to Faresflies.com, and “you” and “your” are mentioned for the user or customer of our site/ portal or you also.


  • According to the terms & conditions of Faresflies, you need to remember that you entered genuine details while booking, and the data should match your travel ID and passport.
  • After making the booking or getting the travel product, if you get any issues, then you have to reach the travel provider not with us. Fareflies do not take any responsibility for the booking or travel product as we are not involved in creating travel products, defining the price, etc.

Travel information

You must provide multiple documents to make the bookings, such as ID proof on which photo is available, a valid passport, a legal flight ticket, and documents required as per destination.

Policies for payments

  • We will not take any responsibility if the card you use for payments will not work on our site.
  • You have to make the complete payments before the due date, but if you cannot do it, then your booking will be canceled.
  • If the card you use does not work or it fails to make complete payments, we will notify you within 24 hours and have to use other payment modes.
  • Before payments are accepted successfully, if there are any changes in air fare or any other thing, we will notify you, and it’s your choice to accept or decline it.
  • If the payments are deducted from your bank, and you do not get any booking confirmation information in your email, then you need to connect with your bank's customer support.


While using our site, you do not waive any claim against faresflies, our partners, or any of our officers, managers, agents, contractors, employees, etc. for any loss or the reasons mentioned below.

  • Any cancellation of bookings, double of bookings, or such bookings beyond our control.
  • We are not responsible for flight delays, missed connecting flights, changes in airline policies, booking fares,
  • Any injury to a person, loss of property, failure of performance of any travel agent, loss of enjoyment, or any similar matter.
  • Any natural issue arises connected with air or other transportation services, products, etc., concerning your booking.


When working on our websites, you will watch some links that are for advertising products of vendors, and if you open those links, then we do not take any guarantee of content that you can watch. We do not endorse any suppliers or vendors, and we are also not responsible for the contents of other websites & their privacy policies.

Prohibited Task

The travel services and purchases on our site can only be used for the legal reservation for you or any other person for whom you are legally authorized to take steps. For more information on Faresflies' prohibited activities, go through the below

  • Activities come under local, federal, or state law
  • Copyright issues are if you upload or download any of our content without taking permission or through any illegal source.
  • We have a right to deactivate your Faresflies account or cancel the use of our site if we find you doing any misbehaving or irrelevant activity.
  • If you are trying to hack our systems or to enter our website, using the data of our website without permission.

General restrictions:

Having the information about our general terms & conditions is essential before using our site. It will help you to use our website more conveniently, and it will guide you about the restrictions and limitations that apply.

  • Upgrades and Standby are not allowed as they will depend upon the policies of the respective service or airlines.
  • All flight scheduled will be managed by the airlines directly, as they have the right to make the last minute flight changes. You can confirm your reservation prior 24 hours before the scheduled departure time.
  • All requests related to seats, special assistance, medical assistance, refund, etc., will be forwarded to the airlines. If you are looking to get immediate confirmation on your flights, then you can connect with airlines.
  • We have the right to cancel the bookings if that destination has been embargoed by the US government.


Accountability of the sites always depends and is inverted as per the terms and conditions, and in addition, it is also framed as per the jurisdiction of the assembled laws accordingly.

Hence, we have a designated framework that enable the users to get minimal errors and omissions within their content, and it will surely demolish all the inaccuracies of the information that is in reference to the tickets and destinations.