Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Faresflies or “We, Us and Our” partners collaboratively promote safety and security for all the users while giving the topmost priority to the removal of any opaqueness. Here, we will systematically explain our ‘Privacy Policy’ in which you will find how we collect your data, process, share, etc.

Information we may collect.

Upon giving your consent, we may collect your information. Now, to bring transparency, find the details we may get and collect from you:

  • Credit or Debit Card details.
  • Name.
  • Social media ID or address.
  • Postal Address.
  • Phone number.
  • Email Address.
  • Some other relevant information was given while registering with us.

How do we collect information?

Collection of any information is solely based upon approval; however, there are stages at which our system saves the data for future purposes, such as generating tickets, advertisements, etc.

  • On the website— The information is provided in the initial process, and “registering with us” is collected. (Without your consent, we may not get involved in this activity).
  • Offline— Your details are also stored when you reach our assistance team to find appropriate ways or to fix any concerns.
  • Different tabs— To generate tickets, marketing purposes, etc., we collect your information through different sources such as social media tabs, public databases, affiliated partners, etc.

Use of Information.

Once you consent to the terms and conditions, we get the authority to use your personal information for future reference. To get more clarification, read the points:

  • Your data is stored to expand our business via promotions, audits, marketing emails, Improvisation, etc.
  • To forward you all the notifications with respect to your flight ticket changes, which you made in your bookings.
  • In order to generate ticket data (when necessary).
  • To assist you in completing the process from Booking to canceling your flight.
  • Send all the marketing updates or communication to inform you of all the ongoing updates, discounts, etc.
  • To provide you with customer assistance in case of a need.
  • The information we collect acts in accordance with the legal process.
  • Data is used to make you eligible for different contests and promotions.

Collection of useful information.

We or our affiliated partners are authorized to use your details for different purposes. Thus, you must know different means by which we or our partners collect the information;

  • Via Cookies— Every device contains Cookies. These carry all the relevant information with respect to your product or device name, and page entered, time, language preference, region, etc., that helps us shape different rules, policies, discounts, deals, etc.
  • Physical locations— We are authorized to share your physical locations with the third-party marketing agency/agencies for all the advertisements based on Geo-targeted technology. In addition to this, the information will be collected via WiFi signals, cell towers, etc.
  • Via application— Registration is mandatory on the website to use services, and there only we keep the information. (Only on your authorization).
  • Via other platforms— There are some other platforms, such as Adobe Flash, etc., through which we collect your details. However, you can change the concerned setting in your device if you do not want us to take your details.
  • Via web-browser— Your details will also be taken from your web browser, and it includes screen resolutions, version, device type, and other associated things.

Disclosure of Information.

Once you agree to our terms, you permit us to share your information with third parties. In addition, other parties can have different privacy policies; hence, you must follow the same rules as other partners.

  • In case of a merger, reorganization, sale, etc., all your information will be shared to a third party, which will act under this privacy policy.
  • If you connect your account with social media, your information will be shared with the providers. However, it depends on your consent.
  • Your information can be shared with the important surveying, promotions, etc., agency.

Third-Party Services.

Our privacy policy does not address the rules of Third Party; hence, it may vary from different agencies. We do not hold any authority over the working or disclosure of your data by any third party. (This also includes those parties that carry widgets on services such as Like, Share, etc.)


Our partners and us, Faresflies, constantly endeavor to promote transparency, no opaqueness, and protection with respect to their data. Provided that, we do not welcome complete security. In case of experiencing some unauthorized activity on your website, you can contact an expert on our website who will guide you in appropriate ways.

Service for Minors.

We often prefer not to entertain minors (below 18 years of age) to register on the platform, where any unauthorized account can misuse their personal information.


For all the marketing, promotion, etc., purposes, we and our affiliates will use your information to run advertisements. We will pile up all the information from different modes such as IP Address, Device, Physical Location, etc.


We hold the power to make modifications to our “privacy and policy” without any prior notification. The rule or a change will be applicable from the date of its change. Therefore, if you have any concerns or any inconvenience is caused by the change, approach the customer support team.